Who Are We Anyway?

Four years in the making, Uprising Muffin Company was raised on the belief that food should be simple, fresh and above all, seriously delicious. That’s why every muffin we make for you starts from scratch with 10 ingredients or less, no preservatives, no artificial colors, nothing you can’t pronounce. Sure, preservatives mean food can sit on a shelf longer, but we don’t believe food was meant to last forever.

If our muffin isn’t in your hands today, it’s being donated to someone less fortunate and fresh muffins will be ready for you tomorrow.


Local Buzz & Fresh Eats

We are proudly partnered with Swings coffee.  Swings is based in Alexandria and roasts our coffee to order every week, so it couldn’t be any fresher. Milk for our lattes comes from respectfully raised local cows and our sandwiches and salads are prepared fresh each day with local ingredients whenever they’re available.

The perfect place to meet up with some old friends, make some new ones, or take advantage of free wifi while nibblin’ a hearty muffin and sippin’ a drip, Uprising is your place away from home and the hustle and bustle.

Come join us!