the uprising story: Fresh, Friendly & fantastic

Uprising Muffin Company bakes each muffin the morning it’s delivered, ensuring every batch tastes fresh from the oven. While the menu of sweets and savories evolved over the years, the commitment to customers remains the same: All muffins are made from scratch, never frozen, and always prepared the very day they’re enjoyed.

Owner Donnie Simpson Jr. got the idea for Uprising Muffin Company while working in production at CBS radio. Each Friday morning, a weekly muffin delivery arrived at the station, spreading joy across the office. Food always brought people together—even a group of coworkers after a long week.

Donnie sought to bring those same feelings of happiness and camaraderie to the greater Washington area. Having never worked in the food business, his first move was to trade in The Morning Show for an entry-level position at a local Starbucks. He learned all he could about retail operations by day before continuing his research that night at the library.

And so it went for three years. Donnie led a triple-life serving customers each morning, stitching together a business plan at night, and taste-testing recipes with his wife and kids every spare minute in between. He interviewed pastry chefs at strip malls or anywhere with a spare table. He worked his way up to manager at Starbucks, until, when he could delay the news of the grand opening no longer, told his boss, “By the way, I’m going to be in the Washington Post tomorrow.”

Uprising Muffin Company opened its doors above the Shaw metro in the spring of 2013. Early on, baristas and chefs committed to the two things Donnie himself cared most about: Be kind to every customer and bake everything from scratch. Chefs and baristas alike stayed with Uprising for years, slowly adding items to the menu and making the shop a morning routine in the neighborhood.

Today, Uprising Muffin Company serves breakfast to companies and schools across the DMV. From its new kitchen in TasteLab, pastries, bagels, and breakfast sandwiches are prepared for a complete morning spread.